Dear Friends, Dear Faithful Customers,French

After a short year of absence, I'm back. A year of rest, at first, then of reflection, research and finally of achievements.

I return to the stoves and will welcome you, but this time, not alone!

I look for this restaurant, this took me long, and one morning, at the chance of my peregrinations, we met. He offered himself to me with his discrete charms and immense potential. I was conquered, we were made for each other.

Close to Paris, with many very easy access, welcome to Neuilly-Plaisance. I was immediately seduced by this village with an authentic atmosphere, where the municipality is serving its shop merchants and spares no efforts to energize its center.

So, Yes, I will not be alone any more!

I want to use my skills as a chef to cook but also be able to better accommodate you. I will be seconded in the kitchen and assisted in the restaurant room. In one word, Same as before, but better!

I hope to see you all again very soon because you missed me.

Your Chef and Host